The #memories of The People of Instagram
Visualizing #memories...
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Think of a memory you have. Is it linked to a place? As humans, we tend to tie our memories to the places they occurred. Have a look at the map and discover the memories of others.

Click the map to enable scroll zoom and click the markers to discover peoples' #memories.

More Info

The places we've been and the memories we make form a huge part of our lives. So, I decided to create a tool to visualize memories attached to place. I chose to look at memories as shared on Instagram because I find that people share their memories more readily on Instagram than on any other social media platform. Want to have your #memories featured on this map? Comment with a link to your Instagram post in the comment box below!

(Requirements: 1. Instagram account must be public. 2. Photo must have #memories either in the caption or in the comments. 3. Photo must be either geolocated or have the location tagged in the caption or the comments.)

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